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Dog walking

The wellbeing and safety of your dog whilst out on walks is always our first priority.  This is the main reason why dog walks are usually in small group of 2 or 3 dogs, therefore making it easier to safely manage dogs.  Smaller group walks also means that we are better able to provide more focused care and to attend to each dogs individual needs.
Dogs are only let of lead when they have shown to have very good recall responses and the customer has signed an ‘off-lead permission form’.
We provide basic recall training using a 10 meter retractable lead using treats and /or praise in a variety of situations.  When dogs are allowed of lead we continue with this recall training so as to re-enforce these positive recall responses.

For exterior dog walks we will provide you with a text update to let you know how your dogs walk went.
The cycle powered dog trailer ​is a great environmentally friendly alternative mode of transport!  It has been used to safely and efficiently transport dogs from their homes along the Bristol and bath cycle path close by to walking destinations such as St Georges park, Eastville park, Ridgeway fields and Vassals park.   
The cycle powered trailer is currently out of use, but we are looking to possibly upgrade and invest in a new bespoke dog tryke as the business grows in this area. - Watch this space!




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