Dog walking:


1 hour  group walk: £10

30 min group walk: £8

45 min group walk:  £9

1 hour solo dog walk: £14

30 min solo dog walk: £10

45 min solo walk: £12 ​


A limited dog walking service is available on weekends and public holidays,

please enquire for more details.                 

Pet sitting:


20 min visit: £7.50

30 min visit: £8.50

1 hour visit: £12


20 min visit: £10

30 min visit: £12

1 hour visit: £22

Doggy day care: 


£20 per day between hours of  7am and 7pm

​WEEKENDS AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS​ (Limited availability)

£40 per day between hours of  8am-6pm

Dog grooming:

* The full groom for all dogs Includes a bath, brush and blow-dry, eyes, ears and teeth cleaning, nail clipping and fur removal between paw pads and sanitary areas (if required).

                                                                                                   Short coat                         Long coat

                                                                                             Full     Bath, brush           Full     Bath, brush

                                                                                          groom   & blow-dry         groom   & blow-dry


Small dog: e.g. Jack russell, Pug, shih tzu              £18            £13             £30-£38         £20

Medium dog: e.g. Beagle, Spaniel, Cockapoo       £25           £20                  £42             £28

Large dog: e.g. Greyhound, Labrador, Collie         £27            £20                  £30-             £25

x Large dog: e.g. German shepherd, Rottweiler  £35           £30                  £45             £35

xx Large dogs: e.g. Great dane, St Bernard          £45           £40                  £60             £50

Please note:

Dogs with matting may be subject to a de-matting fee of £7 per 30 mins of de-matting as this can be a timely and difficult procedure. (not least for the dog which has to endure it)!.  - Customers are encouraged to brush their dogs regularly and bring in for regular grooms to avoid this.

  • 5% off grooming prices for regular dog walking, pet sitting and doggy day care customers.

  • 5% off for x2 dogs from one family.